Advanced Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wide temperature range - 10-year battery life - Surface temperature - ultra compact

Miniature wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T is designed for industrial temperature monitoring. The wireless temperature sensor is ultra compact, light weight and has a battery life of more than 10 years in continuous usage, thanks to the innovative design from Broadsens.

SVT200-T has wide working temperature range from minus 40 degree Celsius (-40 degree Fahrenheit) up to 105 degree Celsius (221 degree Fahrenheit). The sensor sends temperature measurement to the gateway every 15 seconds.  SVT200-T also has high temperature measurement accuracy of +/-0.3 degree Celsius without calibration. Most importantly, SVT200-T measures the contact surface temperature, since the temperature sensor IC is located at the sensor's metal base with heat-conductive epoxy. The metal base allows the sensor to be mounted with epoxy, and can also be removed to reuse. Typical industries include steel plants, chemical, food & beverage, oil & gas, cement, transportation, etc.

Multiple SVT200-T wireless temperature sensors can be used to monitor multiple areas. Wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T should be used with Broadsens's wireless gateway, or with other gateways that support Bluetooth connection (customization work required).

Miniature wireless temperature sensor high temperature measurements
Temperature measurement range-40 - 105 degree Celsius (-40 - 221 degree Fahrenheit)
Accuracy+/- 0.3 degree C accuracy; 0.01 degree C resolution
Measurement intervalEvery 15 seconds
Power consumption4.3 uA in average including temperature measurements and transmission
Power supplyCR2450W Battery. Lasts 10 years in continuous usage
Wireless2.4GHz; more than 100m (300ft) distance in line of sight. FCC/IC approved
Size39mm (1.54in) diameter; 14mm (0.55in) height
Weight30 g (1 oz) with battery
Mounting methodGlue/epoxy
EnvironmentIP68 waterproof

Industrial wireless temperature sensor SVT200-T has optional faster or slower measurement interval. For example, users can request to have dynamic temperature measurement interval of 3s for fast changing environments such as a temperature chamber. Multiple SVT200-Ts can be used to measure dynamic temperature in parallel. Please contact Broadsens for details.