Ultra-Low Power Wireless Vibration Sensors

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors are ultra-compact and have the highest battery efficiency in the industry. They also deliver high performance for vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance thanks to the innovative design.

Compact wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A hold by hand

Broadsens has a large selection of advanced wireless vibration & temperature sensors. Broadsens's wireless vibration sensors include:

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors are easy to install, easy to use and extremely powerful, which make them the best wireless vibration sensors in the industry.

All Broadsens wireless vibration sensors include triaxial accelerometer and precision temperature sensor. The temperature sensor has a resolution of 0.01 degree Celsius with +/-0.3 degree accuracy. Because the vibration sensors have auto-calibration capability, no calibration is required for both acceleration and temperature measurements in the field.

SVT-A Series Wireless Vibration Sensors

SVT-A series wireless vibration sensors include SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A. They acquire raw triaxial acceleration data and temperature data by commands, manually or automatically. They are ideal for advanced vibration analysis, machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A +/-2g to +/-8g acceleration range
Wireless vibration sensor SVT300-A +/-2g to +/-16g acceleration range
Wireless vibration sensor SVT400-A +/-8g to +/-16g acceleration range
Wireless vibration sensor bottom view

SVT200-A, SVT300-A and SVT400-A wireless vibration sensors are the best to be used for predictive maintenance and machine condition monitoring. They have many advanced features such as real-time data acquisition, raw acceleration data transfer and real-time data visualization, advanced filtering and FFT analysis. The sensors can continuously take 3-axes acceleration data in real-time at 50Hz/100Hz/200Hz for more than half a year non-stop, which make them the best wireless vibration sensors in the industry. SVT-A series wireless vibration sensors can be divided into more than 3,000 groups, and the sensors in the same group can be synchronized to take data. SVT200-A has the highest vibration sensitivity, SVT300-A covers the commonly used acceleration ranges from +/-2g up to +/-16g with excellent signal to noise ratio, and SVT400-A has a high acceleration range up to +/-64g. They all offer multiple DAQ (Data Acquisition) modes such as real-time, batch, single DAQ, multi DAQ, single FFT, live FFT and trigger mode. All the DAQ modes can be synchronized. The sampling rates are adjustable from 50Hz up to 25.6kHz. All SVT-A series wireless vibration sensors have adjustable F-MAX range from DC up to 10kHz.

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors require to be used with Broadsens's wireless gateways. The wireless gateways come with advanced vibration analysis software BroadVibra preinstalled. SVT-A series sensors have the default package of single M6 mounting hole. They can also use the optional two-screw hole mounting package (special order).

Acceleration range+/-2g, +/-4g, +/- 8g adjustable+/-2g, +/-4g, +/- 8g, +/-16g adjustable+/- 8g, +/-16g, +/-32g, +/-64g adjustable
Acceleration sampling rates50Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 12.8kHz, 25.6kHz adjustable
Acceleration resolution16 bit
Acceleration noise level0.7mg RMS; 130ug/√Hz density0.7mg RMS; 130ug/√Hz density1.9mg RMS; 300ug/√Hz density
Temperature measurement range-40 - 125 degree Celsius (-40 to 185 Fahrenheit)
Temperature accuracy+/- 0.3 degree, no calibration required
Temperature Measurement intervalEvery 5 seconds when active with acceleration measurement
Power consumptionIdle: 2.2uA; DAQ & transmission: <200uA (tested at 50Hz, real-time mode)
Power supplyReplaceable 14250 battery, 1200mA capacity, intrinsic safe. Lasts up to 5 years (depending on usage)
Wireless2.4GHz; up to 300m/900ft distance in open space. FCC/IC approved
SizeDiameter: 34mm/1.34in; Height: 31mm/1.22in
Base metal and total WeightHard anodized aluminum alloy 6061 base: 53g/1.87oz
Mounting methodMagnet mount; epoxy; mounting pad (with M6 screw); stud mount (M8 to M6)
EnvironmentWorking temperature: -55-85 degree C. Water proof: IP68 (IP69K optional)
Explosive atmosphereIntrinsic safe. Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

SVT-V Series Wireless Vibration Sensors

SVT-V-series wireless vibration & temperature sensors continuously monitor vibration & temperature in real time 24/7. The sensors can detect accidents and send out alarm within 0.5 second typically, which is crucial for important assets.  They are the only true real-time wireless vibration sensors and the best performance among overall vibration measurement sensors.

SVT-V series wireless vibration sensors include SVT200-V, SVT300-V and SVT400-V. They are true real-time vibration monitoring sensors with the fastest response time in the industry. They are ideal for continuous vibration monitoring to detect accidents that require immediate response. ISO 10816 standard can be referred to determine the machine condition easily, even for technicians without any vibration analysis background. The measurements can be used for AI-based predictive maintenance too. The sensors integrate edge computing algorithm and monitor machines 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week continuously. SVT-V series wireless vibration sensors take acceleration samples continuously at low frequency.

Wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V compared to US quarter
Real time wireless vibration sensor SVT200-V two screw hole case

If there is an vibration event that exceeds 0.1g at any one of the x, y, z axes for more than 330ms, then the sensors switch to high speed sampling rate, take a fixed number of samples and compute the vibration velocity RMS (mm/s or inch/s) and acceleration RMS (g), measures temperature and then transmit the result to the wireless gateway. If there is no vibration event, the sensors still switch to high-speed mode every 10 seconds and send out the result to the wireless gateway. SVT-V series sensors' battery can last more than 3 years in a typical factory environment (about 12-hour machine running time) before the battery replacement.

SVT-V series wireless vibration sensors use single M6 screw hole case in default, and two screw-hole case optional. SVT200-V has the acceleration range up to 8g; SVT300-V has the acceleration range up to 16g, and SVT400-V has the acceleration range up to 64g. The sensors require to be used with Broadsens's wireless gateway and advanced vibration analysis software BroadVibra.

Acceleration rangeUp to 8gUp to 16gUp to 64g
Acceleration sampling rateLow speed & 6.4kHz sampling rate dynamic adjustment based on vibration level
Acceleration resolution16 bit
Temperature measurement range-40 - 125 degree Celsius
Temperature accuracy+/- 0.3 degree Celsius
Vibration & temperature measurement intervalTrue real-time continuous vibration measurement
Power consumptionUltra-low power design. Typical 3-year battery life
Power supplyReplaceable 14250 battery, 1200mAh.
Wireless2.4GHz; up to 300m/900ft in open space. FCC/IC approved
SizeDefault (single M6 screw hole case): 34mm/1.34in diameter, 31mm/1.22in height;
Two-screw hole case: 34mm/1.34in diameter, 25mm/0.98in height
WeightDefault (single M6 screw hole case): 53 g (1.9oz); double-screw hole case: 45g (1.59) oz
Mounting methodEpoxy; Screw mount or wire mount; Magnet mount, pad mount or stud mount for single M6 screw hole case
EnvironmentWorking temperature: -55-85 degree Celsius. Water resistance: IP68 (IP69K optional)
Explosive atmosphereIntrinsic safe. Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

SVT-C Series Wireless Vibration Sensors

SVT-C series wireless vibration & temperature sensors have the smallest footprint in the industry. They use external power supply (9v-36v DC), so that users never need to worry about replacing the battery. The sensors communicate with Broadsens gateway wirelessly, so the setup is fast and easy.

SVT200-C Wireless vibration sensor with external power cable

SVT-C series wireless vibration & temperature sensors have two categories: SVT-CA and SVT-CV, which match the functions of SVT-A series sensors and SVT-V series sensors respectively. SVT-CA sensors include: SVT200-CA, SVT300-CA and SVT400-CA; SVT-CV sensors include SVT200-CV, SVT300-CV and SVT400-CV. The specifications of SVT-C sensor are similar to the standard sensors. For example, the specs of SVT200-CA are similar to SVT200-A, except power supply, size and weight. Instead of using battery, the SVT-C series sensors use 9V-36V power supply, which is ideal for applications that have power supply such as spindle machines.

The case of SVT-C series sensors is made of stainless steel & industrial plastic. The size of SVT-C sensor is 30x18x13 mm (1.18x0.71x0.51 inch). The weight of SVT-C sensor including power supply cable is 56g (1.98 oz). The default length of the power supply cable (coaxial) is 8 feet (2.5 m). The cable length can be customized.

SVT-C series sensors can be mounted with epoxy, or customized mounting bracket.

Top Ten Advantages of Broadsens Wireless Vibration Sensors

  1. Ultra-low power. Broadsens's wireless vibration sensors have the highest battery efficiency in the industry. Idle current is typically in 2-3 uA range; working current (DAQ plus data transmission) is typically between 100-500uA range depending on data acquisition modes.
  2. Ultra-compact. Broadsens's wireless vibration sensors are compact, light-weight. They are less than half of the size of most competitor's products, which is less intrusive, and can fit in tight spots.
  3. High performance. SVT-A series vibration sensors offer multiple advanced DAQ modes. Unlimited DAQ points in real-time mode, batch mode, multi DAQ and live FFT mode. FMAX up to 10kHz at batch mode, single DAQ, multi DAQ, single FFT, live FFT and trigger mode. Additional features include FFT analysis, advanced filtering, multiple vibration parameter trend analysis.
  4. True real-time ability. SVT-V series wireless vibration sensor measures acceleration continuously non-stop and is the only true real-time monitoring wireless sensor with long lasting battery life. Other sensors can only sample at fixed intervals such as every 90s, 3600s or even half a day (LoRa wireless sensors).
  5. Real-time data visualization. With Broadsens's wireless gateway, all sensor data can be visualized in real-time, while other sensors have to download the data to see the result.
  6. Edge computing gateway and additional data storage. Broadsens's wireless gateway comes with typical 64GB storage. Integrated time-series database can store half year's data in default, and can be expanded up to 5 years.
  7. True remote monitoring solution. All sensors can be controlled and accessed remotely through MQTT protocol. Vibration analysis can be performed and streamed to customer's cloud platforms securely.
  8. Scalability. Broadsens's wireless vibration sensor system can be scaled easily to very large factories with tens of thousands of sensors and hundreds of gateways
  9. No subscription fee. Data can be streamed to customer's clouds or servers via MQTT protocol. No subscription fee
  10. Secure connection. Broadsens's wireless sensors are encrypted with AES 128-bit protection for secure OTA update

Wireless Vibration Sensor Mounting Accessories

Broadsens wireless vibration sensor mounting accessories include magnet mount, mounting pad and mounting stud. Magnet mount has H-shape legs that allows the wireless vibration sensors to be mounted on both flat and curved areas quickly. Mounting stud offers the most reliable long-term mounting solution. Mounting pad can be bounded with epoxy to the structure and allows the sensor to be removed easily.

Magnet mount for wireless vibration sensor

Magnet mount with H-shape legs

circular mounting pad for wireless vibration sensor

Mounting pad

Mounting stud for wireless vibration sensor

Mounting stud M8 to M6 thread

Custom Wireless Vibration Sensors

Broadsens wireless vibration sensor (accelerometer) can replace most wired accelerometers. If a customized wireless vibration sensor system is required, then Broadsens can provide quick turn-around and cost-effective solutions for industrial applications.