BroadVibra vibration monitoring and analysis software


BroadVibra vibration analysis software can control multiple ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors. It can adjust data acquisition parameters such as sampling mode, sampling rate, provide advanced vibration analysis such as FFT, vibration trend analysis, filtering (enveloping), etc. The software can export the raw vibration (acceleration) data to CSV format.

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BroadMTM ultrasonic thickness measurement software


BroadMTM software can control up to 7 UT200s high resolution ultrasonic thickness gauges that provides up to 28-ch parallel thickness/thickness loss/corrosion measurement. The software supports adjustable sampling points, first-echo, echo-echo and echo-II (water submerge) thickness measurements.

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BroadScan ultrasonic analysis software


BroadScan software supports Broadsens high performance multichannel ultrasonic scanners D100, advanced industrial scanner D110C and popular 16-ch scanner D200. BroadScan software allows user to set up periodic scan of structures for combinations of different scan channels. The software can review the history data, visualize data and provide damage detection using baseline method.

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Ultrasonic waveform for SHM


Multiple sensor data acquisition is much easier thanks to integrated data acquisition device and multi-function sensors.

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Damage analysis with ultrasonic sensors


Feature extraction, multiple path analysis, high-pass and low-pass filtering, correlation analysis, Fourier transform, Wavelet analysis

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3D waveform visualization


Data and waveform are visualized intuitively. 3D model can be developed to show the machine or structure condition clearly.

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Data logging

Easily log sensor data and review sensor data. Compare sensor data in the selected time period

Graphic tool

Show data in time and frequency domain. Apply filters to remove noise and plot data

Alarm notification

User defined threshold to alarm potential machine or structural failure. Notification via message or emails

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