Multichannel Excitation Waveform and Data Acquisition

ultrasonic lamb wave

Single ultrasonic scan

The software can generate high voltage arbitrary waveform including lamb wave (5-peak Gaussian), 3-peak Gaussian, Sine waveform or user-defined waveform. Structural response can be reviewed for each scan step.

lamb waveform comparison

Multiple Scan Review

BroadScan software can load multiple ultrasonic scans for comparison and review. This is useful to identify structure defects by comparing the history data with new data side by side.

Scan Path definition

Ultrasonic excitation frequency, amplitude, actuation sensor, receive sensor, receive gain, sampling points, data acquisition delay can be defined easily for each scan step. Multiple steps can be defined and added for structural health monitoring

ultrasonic scan path selection

Temperature Compensation and Damage Index Calculation

When coupled with Broadsens digital temperature sensor, environment temperature is compensated with Broadsens patented temperature compensation algorithm. damage index is calculated for each scan step automatically by comparing the baseline data with the new data. The damage index curve is also drawn for intuitive view

Temperature compensation and damage index computation

3D Structure Display

3D train coupler model in normal status

3D Structure Display No Damage

BroadScan software can be customized to show 3D image of customer's structures (custom feature, not included with standard version). The structure can be rotated for an intuitive view of the status.

3D train coupler model with damage detected

3D Structure with Damage

When there is a structural defect detected, BroadScan software can show the location and size of the damage in the 3D display (custom feature, not included with standard version).

Other Digital Sensor Support

multi sensor charts

Broad Sensor Support

BroadScan software can support Broadsens other digital sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, accelerometers, strain sensors, distance sensors, air quality sensors and pressure sensors.

History events log

History Events Review

History scan and sensor measurement events can be reviewed from the event log. This is useful to check system status and scan history. Alarms or trigger events are reported here too.

History Data Review

Digital sensor history data can be reviewed from the history data section. In this section, ultrasonic scan history can be reviewed too

Sensor history data review