Multiple Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Boards Support

BroadMTM (Broadsens Multi-channel Thickness Measurement) software interfaces with ultrasonic thickness gauge UT200S via Ethernet interface. The software supports up to 6 UT200S boards in default for production line quality control. Software API examples are provided to support dozens or hundreds of UT200S boards for online corrosion monitoring purpose.

Multichannel ultrasonic thickness measurement software

24-ch BroadMTM Software Interface

Multiple Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Modes

The BroadMTM software supports single-echo, echo-echo and multi-echo based thickness measurement/corrosion monitoring. Single-echo mode can be used for most cases, but this mode requires removing coating and painting. Echo-echo and multi-echo mode can be used to ignore painting or coating, which is more convenient to use. Therefore, there is no need to remove paints or protection layer when using the BroadMTM software and UT200S with echo-echo modes.

First echo mode ultrasonic thickness measurement"
Echo-echo mode ultrasonic thickness measurement"
Multi echo mode ultrasonic thickness measurement"
Automatic gain adjustment

BroadMTM software offers autocalibration and gain adjustment ability. So it is easy to calibrate the probes. Especially for the echo-echo mode, user only needs to provide one wave speed parameter.

Adjustable DAQ delay

The adjustable DAQ delay allows the system to measure very thick structure. The data acquisition will not start until the echo will appear. The delay resolution is in microsecond level.

Adjustable sample points

User can select different sample points from 2,048 up to 8,192. For thick structures, one should choose higher sampling points. Combined with adjustable DAQ delay function, BroadMTM software can be used to measure very thick structures.

Adjustable probe delay

Each probe can be set a probe delay separately and will be automatically saved. The probe delay is only used in the first-echo (single-echo) mode.

Trigger Option

BroadMTM software allows user to enable/disable hardware trigger. Hardware trigger accepts TTL signal or CMOS signal to trigger the UT200S board thickness measurement.

History data review

History data can be loaded and reviewed any time. History data file are saved by the incoming data time with a resolution of millisecond.