BroadVibra Software Update Guide

Update to version 2.7.5 or higher

Regular BroadVibra software update does not require internet connection and can be done quickly with 1-click update. Updating BroadVibra software from version lower than 2.7.5 to 2.7.5 or higher requires that the gateway have stable internet access. After the update, the gateway can be disconnected from internet. The reason is that BroadVibra 2.7.5 or higher uses dashboard version 3.5 that provides additional features.

Step 1. To update the BroadVibra software from version lower than 2.7.5 to 2.7.5 or higher, it is required to update the internal dashboard node at the wireless gateway. Users needs to SSH to the gateway (please refer to Appendix 1 of the manual on how to use SSH to access the gateway), and type in the following command:

cd .node-red

and stop Node-RED progress by entering the following command:


Stop Node-RED


Step 2. Update the internal dashboard node by entering the following command in the SSH terminal:

npm install node-red-dashboard@3.5.0

After the update, restart Node-RED progress by entering the command:


update gateway's dashboard node

Step 3. Follow the normal BroadVibra software update procedure to upload the BroadVibra software package with 1-click, as described at chapter 10.2.1 of the manual.

For new features and bug fix of BroadVibra software, please check the software update history page.