Broadsens offers pipeline monitoring solutions and container monitoring solutions that enable operators and engineers to oversee the integrity, durability and reliability of the assets.

Containers and associated pipelines in refineries and chemical companies, boiler tubes and vessels in power generation facilities, and oil and gas pipelines are subject to corrosion and erosion damages, cracks and bolt loosening. The safe and efficient operation of refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and major transmission pipelines is important for many stakeholders. These include energy companies, chemical companies, pipeline operators, landowners, national and local governments, and the general public.

Broadsens’s solution consists of the following components: sensors, wireless gateway, data acquisition units, and software. With industrial's acclaimed ultra-low power wireless vibration & temperature sensor system, the integrity of refinery and pipeline can be monitored in real time remotely. The structural integrity solutions can actively send ultrasound signals across key structures and detect cracks, corrosions, erosions, fatigues, and other structural failures. The end-to-end system delivers continuous environmental data, machine integrity and structural information in real time. The state-of-the-art visualization and analytic tools allow rapid assessment of the health of the structure being monitored.

Refinery pump and motor monitoring

Broadsens’s refinery & pipeline solution supports a wide range of sensors:

Ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors
wireless strain gauges
Ultra-low power wireless temperature sensors
Ultrasonic transducers
wireless pressure sensors
These sensors comprise early warning system for the pipelines and containers, providing the essential information that help the operators and engineers to accurately monitor the health conditions of the structures and machines, increase safety and optimize operation and maintenance activities.