Train Coupler Online Monitoring

A train coupler connects train cars in between. Structural failure causes serious accidents. Train coupler online monitoring system can detect cracks, corrosion and also the strain applied to the coupler.

Draftgear Health Monitoring

Draftgear is hiding behind the coupler, which is hard to know its status. The draftgear online monitoring system can detect its failure by using distance, vibration and strain sensors.

Pantograph and Powerline Monitoring

A train pantograph transfers power from powerline to the train. Broadsens can detect the status of the contact between the pantograph and powerline and pinpoint the location of potential failure from both the pantograph and powerline.

Boggie health Monitoring

Boggie is a frame under the train that holds the wheels and body together. Broadsens can monitor defects such as crack and corrosion grwoth for boggie structure online. The technology saves labor and improves safety.

Monitoring of other parts

Broadsens provide complete turn-key solutions for many different train structure and railroad structure. The technology can save labor and improve efficiency.