Train Coupler Online Monitoring

A train coupler connects railroad cars (railway cars, train cars, railcar) in between. Structural failure such as cracks and corrosions causes serious accidents. Broadsens train coupler online monitoring system can detect cracks with miniature piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors, monitor the structural integrity with strain,  wired or wireless vibration and temperature sensors. Vibration speed, displacements and acceleration RMS are measured in real time.

The ultrasonic sensors used include BHU100 and BHU580. The data acquisition and analysis device is the industrial ultrasonic scanner D110C. Structural health monitoring software with temperature compensation ability is installed the device that sends the structural integrity information to the control center on the train.

Train coupler and draft gear monitoring system
Train draft gear

Draft Gear Online Monitoring

Draft gear protects the railcar by absorbing the energy associated with pushing, pulling, starting, stopping, and coupling of railcars. It is hiding behind the coupler, which is hard to know its status and its NDT work is costly and timing consuming. Broadsens's ultra low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors are ideal for online monitoring of the draft gear status. The SVT-V series real time wireless vibration and temperature sensors' battery can last 4-5 years before battery replacement.
The wireless vibration and temperature sensors are easy to install, and send velocity RMS, vibration RMS and temperature measurements wirelessly to Broadsens's gateway. The data can be further transferred to the central train monitoring system.

Pantograph and Powerline Monitoring

A train pantograph is an apparatus mounted on the roof of an electric train, tram or electric bus to receive power from an overhead power line. Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors can monitor the integrity of both the train pantograph and its contact with the power line. Real time vibration and temperature monitoring is provided by wireless sensor SVT400-V. SVT400-V has the option of single M6 screw hole case or double screw hole case. The case can also be customized to fit into all train pantographs.

Real time wireless vibration and temperature sensor SVT400-V integrates MEMS triaxial accelerometer that measures up to 64g, and sends out vibration velocity RMS, acceleration RMS and temperature data in real time. The sampling rate is adjusted dynamically base on the vibration level. The high speed sampling is fixed at 6400Hz.

Pantograph and power line vibration monitoring
Train bogie

Bogie Health Monitoring

Bogie is a frame under the train that holds the wheels and body together. Broadsens's ultrasonic system and wireless vibration and temperature sensor system can monitor crack, corrosion and erosion growth of bogies online, and bearing, bolt loosening issues due to vibration.
For crack and corrosion monitoring, compact piezoelectric sensors such as BHU100 are mounted on key areas to monitor the crack growth and corrosion through thickness measurements. Bearing and bolt loosening are detected through vibration velocity RMS and acceleration RMS measurements.  Threshold levels can be set up and notify the operator when the damage index or vibration level exceeds the thresholds.

Railcar Wheels, Bearings and Rod Monitoring

Railcar wheels, bearings and rods should be checked regularly. Failure to detect defects can cause serious accidents such as derailments and causes millions of dollars losses. Broadsens's ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors are ultra compact, rated IP68 and can be mounted quickly to check the integrity of railcar wheels, bearings and rods online. Real time vibration and temperature data are transferred to the wireless gateway that can be mounted inside the railcars.

Real time wireless vibration and temperature sensors SVT200-V and SVT300-V can be used for railcar wheels, bearings and rods online monitoring. Threshold values can be set up and alarms can be sent to the train's control center immediately.

railcar wheels

Custom Online Monitoring Solutions on Key Train Components and Structures

Broadsens provides turn-key solutions for many key train components such as compressor, engines, pantograph, bolt loosening, frames, and railroad tracks. Please contact Broadsens for project requirements.