Powerful Gateway With Data Visualization 

GU200 & GU200s wireless gateways support Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A, SVT200-V, SVT100-A and wireless temperature sensor SVT100-T. The gateway integrates 1.2GHz/1.5GHz ARM Cortex quad core processor with advanced data analysis ability. Vibration data can be visualized through a web browser in real time for quick time domain vibration analysis. GU200 series wireless gateway not only integrates FFT vibration analysis function and machine condition trend analysis function, but also has large data storage of 32GB/64GB. The gateway can divide the ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors into multiple groups to monitor different zones/areas. The control software at the wireless gateway is based on Node-RED, which is a flow-based programming tool. The software interface is intuitive and can be modified from the backend easily. 

FFT analysis by Broadsens gateway
Easy setup

Easy Usage with Integrated Large Data Storage

Broadsens wireless gateway GU200/GU200s is designed to control Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature sensors. GU200 and its sensors are pre-configured from the factory, so that they are ready to use in the field immediately. The set up can also be adjusted easily from the sensor configuration page. A ultra-low power wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system can be set up and running in several minutes. The wireless vibration sensors data acquisition parameters can be adjusted easily at the gateway, including group allocation, sensor name, sampling rate, acceleration range, data acquisition mode, sensor synchronization, etc. GU200 uses 2.4GHz secure low power wireless protocol to communicate with lower power sensors such as wireless vibration sensor SVT200-A. GU200 can be accessed via web interface with all major browsers. Each gateway can support multiple wireless vibration sensors with secure communication. GU200 supports Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update, which makes it future-proof. GU200 has pre-installed time-series database InfluxDB for easy data query and manipulation. InfluxDB is a time series database designed to handle large write and query loads with high efficiency. History data can be retrieved from the database for advanced vibration analysis. GU200 comes with default 32GB data storage and GU200s has default 64GB data storage. Data acquired from the gateway can be transferred in real time to the clients' private server or clouds via MQTT protocol for double backup and safety. Each gateway can be assigned a unique name, so that in a large application, thousands of gateways can be deployed and managed easily from the server.

Group Monitoring of Multiple Machines

Broadsens low power wireless sensors can be divided into multiple groups. Each group can monitor one machine or equipment for conditional based monitoring. GU200 can control up to 62 groups of vibration sensors and 8 temperature sensors. Each group can be scheduled to take data and perform analysis. Advanced analysis tool is provided with GU200 such as power spectrum analysis and key vibration parameters such as RMS trend chart.



GU200 Series Specifications

Processor1.2GHz quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU1.5GHz quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU
Memory1 GB2 GB standard (4GB, 8GB optional)
Data storage32 GB64 GB
Communication with sensor2.4GHz low power secure wireless2.4GHz low power secure wireless, extended range
Network interfaceFast Ethernet, dual-band 802.11ac wirelessGigabit Ethernet, dual-band 802.11ac wireless
Sensor supportUp to 128 (120 vibration sensors plus 8 temperature sensors)Up to 256 (248 vibration sensors plus 8 temperature sensors)
Operating systemLinux DebianLinux Debian
Software interfaceBroadVibra software based on Node-REDBroadVibra software based on Node-RED
External protocolMQTTMQTT
Data analysisRMS, Peak, STD, Crest factor, Kurtosis, trend analysis, FFT analysis, filteringRMS, Peak, STD, Crest factor, Kurtosis, trend analysis, FFT analysis, filtering
DatabaseInfluxDB integrated for easy data review and exportInfluxDB integrated for easy data review and export
Power supply9-18v DC9-18v DC
Power consumption<10w<15w
Weight700 g700 g
Working environment-30 - 60 C, 10%~90%RH-30 - 60 C, 10%~90%RH
Additional featuresIntegrated real time hardware clock, OTA, USBIntegrated real time hardware clock, OTA, USB