BroadScan D200

BroadScan D200 is the latest Structural Health Monitoring Device that is designed for both research institutes and industry applications. BroadScan D200 can drive common piezoelectric sensors with up to 150v peak-peak excitation voltage. BroadScan D200 sends out lamb waves in default and collect structure response at the same time. BroadScan D200 has 16 transmit channels and 16 receive channels. BroadScan D200 has the easiest connection port available on the market. Researchers can use their own sensors and connect to D200 in a few minutes, which can save lots of time compared to traditional approach. With 14-bit high speed A/D and 14-bit high speed D/A, BroadScan D200 provides very high signal to noise ratio. BroadScan D200 has the highest quality/price ratio of Structural Health Monitoring devices on the market.

BroadScan D100 can be controlled by a laptop or PC through Ethernet or WiFi interface. An easy to use web interface is available for remote control of BroadScan D200. D200 can be operated with external power or internal rechargeable battery. The internal battery can last up to 4 hours.


BroadScan D200 Specifications

• 16 excitation channels (up to 150v peak-peak)
• Wide excitation frequency range: 50kHz up to 3MHz adjustable
• 16 receive channels
• 20db-100db adjustable gain at receive path
• 14-bit ADC for ultrasound receive
• 14-bit DAC arbitrary waveform generator for ultrasound transmission.
• Adjustable sampling rate of ultrasound scan. 80MS/s, 40MS/s, 20MS/s, 10MS/s, 5MS/s, 2.5MS/s and 1.25MS/s sampling rate.
• Adjustable sample points for ultrasound scan. 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768
• Supports Broadsens temperature sensors, humidity sensors, moment sensors, strain sensors, gas sensors, etc.
• 32GB integrated data storage
• 1 GHz microprocessor integrated
• Ethernet connection
• Wireless connection
• Battery powered. Battery lasts up to 4 hours when fully charged
• Operating temperature range: 0 0C to 65 0C
• Power adapter supports 12V DC input
• Size: 107x220x42mm (DxWxH)
• Weight: 2 lbs