Automate monitoring process with ultra low power sensors

Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors including vibration sensors, accelerometers, temperature sensors, angle sensors, distance sensors, et al

Ultra Low Power

Broadsens wireless sensors only consume several uAs in idle state, which is the best in the industry

Turn-Key Solution
Turn-key solution for industrial applications in railroad, power plants, machinery, water and oil pipelines, et al
Conditional Maintenance

Help factories make conditional based maintenance (CBM) to improve efficiency and profits

Customer Oriented
Always do the best to meet customer's needs. Customer satisfaction is Broadsens's first priority
Original Design

Broadsens innovates design and applications for ultra low power wireless sensors and structural health monitoring

Broadsens History

Broadsens was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in 2015. Broadsens develops ultra low power wireless sensors and structural health monitoring systems, including wireless vibration sensors, temperature sensors, angle sensors, multichannel ultrasonic gauges and high resolution ultrasonic scanners. Broadsens aims to provide turn-key solutions for industrial customers to improve efficiency, increase safety and increase profit. Broadsens's headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Broadsens opened its offices in China in 2017. The technology is proved to bring 20-30% operational profit for customers utilizing Broadsens's online monitoring systems. Broadsens also provides sensors and devices for research institutes and universities worldwide. Broadsens's wireless sensor solution is recognized as one of the top Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) providers in the industry 2019.

Broadsens Team

Broadsens' team consists of experienced professionals in analog and digital hardware design, signal processing, IIOT and information technologies. BroadsensĀ  provides ultra low power wireless sensors and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems, Prognosis and Health Management (PHM) and Machine Condition Monitoring. Typical solutions provided by Broadsens include low power wireless monitoring, high resolution ultrasonic thickness measurements, train coupler, boggie, pantograph and draft gear monitoring, pipe leak detection, corrosion monitoring, vibration monitoring, bolt-loosening monitoring, etc.

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